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I have been "seized" by this to my heart, if you don't get what I'm saying, well it's because I'm french, "ĂȘtre saisi" means to be astonished with a very deep and emotionnal way, I loved every of this work, this animation, all the music you choose for it, you simply made an wonderful work for all of this, thank you~

In my book, the best thing he got from her was the kiss in the end~

I'd do a threesome with her and Cortana~

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One of my favorite flash game's! please, make a 3 <3

Hahahaha! "ultimate challenge is here"
Well... that is true! x')
It's a funny game, in some way x'D

what i can say... funny!

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No need to be sorry, you do your own stuff like any artist, you keep at it and doing great, I like it, I don't think I would make love on this music but... It's I do like it even if I'm not on gabber thing~

Sounds very much like some John Carpenter stuff, in a bit less serious, but that is awesome!

Bl4k responds:

Wow thanks

well since this one is slower than the other I love it more, I wish I could use it for something but copyrights are copyrights~ by the way, is there anything in particular that inspired those musics?

Ruedefaux responds:

the people's hatred for loud noises

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Maybe not this one, but would you take a comission?

Your sister is lucky~

I wish you well, if you feel any better by the way, would you take a comission ?

tsiox responds:

Rn I won't take any commissions, I'll focus on my own projects

Actually? I make Wood-Burning and i post picture of them only on newground and I might start to post somewhere else in the future...

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