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Hey I was wondering, will you ever answer a review?

Volmise responds:

I typically don't feel the need to respond to most things.

Agree, no way that this planet belongs to him, already ruining the earth with god damn Tesla... also a very beautiful drawing, I'll definitely prepare a comission for you, do you take comissions ?

VortexSupernova responds:

Haha, Elon would probably claim the whole universe. No doubt.
Thank you! Thank you! Unfortunately I only accept a payment method that is exclusive to my country (like a local version of Paypal) I wish I could accept commissions outside of DeviantArt points and local payments.

This is the most beautiful pussy I've ever seen in my life~

LadyWitchfox responds:

Thank you very much. I do love drawing Ruto

Oh, the school looks awesome according to the studients!

anderhorlo responds:


Oh I would take her for a ride, but not the car, I not a fan of german cars...
Edit: it's just my taste in car, I do love the drawing, please take no offense~

MLeth responds:

Insulting Brookes car might not be the best way to take her for a ride :D

How much for a weird creature comission with a lot of details?

Ruedefaux responds:

DM me

This kind of face design remind me the one that was on the movie "Blood: the last vampire" I love this movie and love your drawing~

grossfoots responds:

no way, I love that movie! I am honored that I can remind you of it!!

In terms of design, you should watch the work of this guy:

cragscleft responds:

interesting. i find her terribly cute actually, i love her hair. thanks for showin' me

Okay okay you're quiet the drawer, I'm following you here for sometimes now and I was like "yeah! He is damn good at this!" But actually you mostly do anime stuff with your own style and in the end only the of others with your style, so the point is... there is something way more precious than just skill's, it's CREATIVITY, wouldn'it be time to do your very own stuff? Or at least if you already do, do it like more often...
I say that because I really love your work, but when it's just the work comming from the origin from another artist, in the end, it's no more than just a waste...


PkBlitz responds:

Thank you for your kind words and I appreciate your concern, but 1) This is commissioned art, which means someone paid me to draw this illustration, and I do commissioned art to earn money to support my family. I didn't choose to paint this one, it's what I was paid to do. And 2) I draw what I love and what I'm passionate about, and I'm way more passionate about my favorite stories told by other authors (such as Jojo, AoT, or the MCU) than about original donut steel OCs or boring random study portraits from pinterest. I've been like that all my life, I started out drawing Dragon Ball Z, Spider-man, Naruto... My childhood and high school sketchbooks were full of that, and mostly that. Giving my personal interpretation and tribute other works with my own twist is what I like to do as an artist, and doing anything else would be doing something I'm not nearly as passionate about, it would feel disingenious, like selling myself out.
I like putting skill rather than creativity to work, I would much prefer to be called a "draftsman" instead of an "artist". The term "artist" comes with a lot of baggage and expectations I don't enjoy.

Also, Newgrounds doens't have a proper comment system, so if you'd like to reply to this feel free to leave a message :)

So you take commissions now, good to know ^^

MLeth responds:

Yep! I quit my office job one month ago to embrace freelance so I do commissions and work on animation as a background artist so I have a lot more time for art hehe

Actually? I make Wood-Burning and i post picture of them only on newground and I might start to post somewhere else in the future...

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